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Q: How is Parker's Circle of Safety program different from every other industrial hose manufacturer?

A: Parker's Industrial Hose Division offers a system, called the Circle of Safety, which allows distributors to fabricate industrial hose assemblies that are safer and more reliable, and that substantially reduce your liability. The Circle of Safety program actually tells the fabricator what crimp fittings work with the hose and how to properly assemble the fitting to the hose.

Q: This does not seem any different than what is offered by other manufacturers of industrial hose. Is it?

A: If you check the published literature of other industrial hose, fitting and clamp manufacturers, you will see the responsibility and accountability is passed along to the distributor.

Q: Why is the Circle of Safety program important to end-users?

A: As an end-user, you are receiving a “value-added” assembly that is guaranteed to meet or exceed the rated working pressure of the hose. For the first time, one single, accountable source will guarantee that specific, exhaustively tested combinations of hose, fittings and attachment methods will perform to specified application requirements.

Q: What different types of testing have been conducted by Parker to validate assembly performance?

A: For more than 20 years, Parker/Dayco have conducted the following tests to validate industrial hose assembly integrity:

  1. Coupling pull-off
  2. Impulse
  3. Tensile
  4. Electrical conductivity
  5. Cold bend
  6. Flex
  7. Flex impulse with temperature

Q: How many different industrial hoses manufactured by Parker can the Circle of Safety program be used on?

A: We have validated more than 175 industrial hoses including chemical, acid, LPG, welding, petroleum, steam, water, air and multi-purpose and many others. And more are being added every week.

Q: As a customer, how can I be assured that the assemblies will meet or exceed the rated working pressure of the hose?

A: Hose assemblies, as precisely defined in the Parker Circle of Safety specification software package, are guaranteed to meet or exceed the rated working pressure of Parker’s industrial hoses.